2020 is a series that started out as a story about insomnia, but evolved into a visual diary about the quarantine caused by COVID-19. For me, this isolation confronts me with my loneliness and my restrictions as a person. But besides that, it had also given me a change to appreciate the silence around me and see things in another perspective. I notice the small things in life and the details in my surroundings. I see things; a shadow on the wall, a beam of light on a flower, a crack in the floor of my shower. These small things make me wonder and I let my mind drift off for just a few seconds. I think about those things, I write about them, and I photograph them. The photographs are a reminder of that specific moment, the thoughts that went through my head and the proof that I was there.
I use this isolation as time to think about the things I love most in life, the things that scare me, all the good and the bad, and I try to keep myself busy while I sit at home and wait for it to be over.
In the meantime I realized there is so much beautiful time, and I’m trying to use every second of it.

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